Let's Talk Canjos!
with Henry Hoover
canjo What is a canjo?

A canjo is a fretted, single string, acoustic instrument with an American-sourced hardwood body hand rubbed with boiled linen seed oil and a Spam can as the resonator. The fretboard is a perfect diatonic scale with flawless dulcimer style fretting and twelve notes or finger positions. The single tuner at the head is a finely crafted Grover guitar tuner. A Spam can is used because the tonal quality and volume is unmatched - there is no finer canjo anywhere. It's bright and loud like a banjo, durable, lightweight, and the most handsome instrument around! Who knew Spam could sound so good.

How to Play

It is typically held like a banjo or mandolin but may also be played on a table or lap like a dulcimer. Running along the side of the Canjo neck are numbers stamped "1" through "11". This corresponds to the numbers over the words of each song in the Canjo Songbook. The musician simply moves his or her fingers to the different number in the song literally playing by numbers. A canjo can also be used with an amplifier to make the sound even better!

What types of woods are available?

Wood types vary but usually Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Water Oak, Live Oak, Ambrose Maple, and Curly Maple are available.

We cannot guarantee that all types of wood will be in stock.

How do I order one?

Ordering a canjo is easy! It can be ordered by calling, emailing or you can click here to order from our website.

A quick demonstration of our canjo by Graham Stoner.